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Golf Tále

Van kérdése, szeretnének többet megtudni szolgáltatásainkról, akciós csomag kínálatainkról, vagy szállás lehetőségeinkről? Ne habozzon kapcsolatba lépni velünk.

A friss hírek küldéséhez jelentkezzenek be.

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Tréning PRO edzővel


Before reserving training we suggest familiarising yourself with the following conditions for participation in training.

Golf training with a trainer is conducted on the basis of a reservation which, upon confirmation, becomes a binding commitment on you. Tále Golf Club has Slovak-English speaking PRO trainers available. The trainer’ assistants are also excellent players and teachers of golf. Trainings are conducted by whichever PRO trainer or assistant is free at the moment. If a client requests a specific trainer, we will try to accommodate the request. In the event that the specific trainer is not available during the selected time, the situation will be resolved by moving the training to a time when the trainer is available.
If the client won’t be able to attend a training, the reservation can be cancelled up to 48 hours in advance without a cancellation fee. If a training is cancelled within less than 48 hours, a 50% fee applies; no-shows will be billed 100% of the regular training fee as a penalty. Please come to your training session on time. When you arrive, please announce yourself at the Proshop reception. In the event of a delay, it will not be possible to guarantee training during the time reserved.
After completing any sort of golf programme, inquire with your trainer or at the Proshop regarding continued training options.
Training reservations: Golf reception: Tel: +421 48 6712 512, Fax: +421 48 6712 514, golfshop@tale.sk.

Throughout the golf season it is requested that during games, training and use of services in the area, visitors adhere to the rules and to common etiquette. Players should arrive for training appropriately dressed. Prescribed clothing: polo shirt with collar, long sport trousers or shorts coming to below the knee and sport shoes. If you do not have the required clothing you may purchase it at the Proshop in the golf course area. Not permitted: blue jeans, sandals, high-heeled shoes. Besides the general rules of golf, local rules are also in force at the Gray Bear golf area. Do not forget to adhere to the local rules as well.

Schedule Card
Please, request it at the reception. It will help you when booking a date for your next lesson or if you want to improve the technique of your swing etc. Individual training without the supervision of a trainer is very important. Therefore carefully recorded notes will help you during the course and after its completion.

Methodology of Training

We have an individual and professional approach to everyone. Individual is the procedure, intensity and number of lessons during individual course. It is you who knows your body best. You know how long you need to recover after physical exercise or exhaustion. Therefore we will respect your physical predisposition, condition, knowledge and level of understanding of lesson. Maybe you practiced other sports in the past, so you can control your body more easily and you will get the right golf swing quickly. You might proceed in golf very quickly. It is possible that after 3 golf lessons for beginners you will want to try to pass the exam for basic HCP 54. We know this is the aim you will strive for and you will achieve it. However, it is possible that you will not pass the exam. Successful completion of the course to achieve basic HCP 54 is not guaranteed by paying the course fee. Don’t loose your motivation after several bad strokes, chips or putts. No one can guarantee that you become a top golf player. However, patient and systematic preparation will bring results. If we wake in you the passion for golf, for improvement of your game and reducing number of hits, it will be also our success.
By not respecting the requirements of EGA to gain basic HCP the Pro Trainer risks to loose his or hers licence. Therefore trust your trainer and accept his decision even if he or she will advise you to get more lessons necessary for the exam.

Do not forget to warm-up before the training. Your trainer will show you how to warm-up before the first training, warm-up before next lessons even without the trainer.

When to start with the golf training?

We recommend at the start of the season. You will have up to eight months to improve! As soon as the driving range is opened you can start to train. Usually it is open from April to October. To start with golf at the end of the season is not unusual, during the winter season you can train on the golf simulator in hotel Stupka.

After the training

After finishing any golf programme, please ask your trainer or in the Proshop about possible continuation in training.
Training reservation: Golf reception: Tel: +421 48 6712 512, Fax: +421 48 6712 514, golfshop@tale.sk.

Possibility to improve your HCP in Tále
After hard training you gained HCP 54 and you would finally like to play an 18-hole course. You might be surprised that in Gray Bear you will be allowed to play only accompanied by a member of the golf club Tále, who will guarantee your continual game, following of the rules and etiquette. Every golf course has not only general golf rules however also local rules. It includes the limit of player’s handicap, which varies from golf course to golf course. How to improve your handicap?
1. Using the possibility to register the non-competitive results.
2. Usually every Wednesday there are tournaments to improve HCP on the golf course Gray Bear. They are called „handicap tournaments“ and you can register and improve your handicap.

Gift voucher
If you ran out of original ideas on how to surprise your close ones, give them one of he listed programmes as a gift. We will issue a voucher which they can use for full range of our services.
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