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Putting and short game masterclass

with world known coach Bob Walton


Putting and Short game masterclass

with the world known coach and Gray Bear and Little Bear golf courses designer - Bob Walton

In August at Tále resort

OFFERED GROUP LESSONS: Putting masterclass and Short game masterclass
  • DATES:
    26.7.2024 - 2.8.2024
  • PRICE:
    Lesson on training facilities - 1x50‘ – 90 € 

    9 hole at Little Bear – 100 € (price does not include green fee)
    18 holes at Little Bear – 190 € (price does not include green fee)

    9 hole at Gray Bear – 175 € (price does not include green fee)
    18 holes at Gray Bear – 325 € (price does not include green fee)


+421 48 6712 512, +421 911 348 843, golfshop@tale.sk


Bob Walton

Has extensive knowledge of golf and has spent a vast amount of time on the highest level professional golf tours, learning from the best players in the world. He has coached more than 50 of the "Top 100"  golf instructors of the PGA Tour, Champions Tour, Korn Ferry Tour and LPGA Tour.

The founder of „The Putt Ruler“ project

Putting masterclass (2.5 hours)

Learn the 3 putting skills every great putter should have

  1. reading the green - learn to correctly estimate the speed of the green and to correctly estimate the putting line
  2. stance technique – to create a consistent, stable stance with the correct position of the ball for a precise impact (solid contact with the ball and sending the ball on the intended line)
  3. Putting stroke – improve your putting stroke  with firm contact  with the ball and control of stroke speed
Short game masterclass (3 hours)

Learn the 4 essential greenside skills every great short game player should have

  1. putting from areas off the green onto the green
  2. chipping to the green
  3. pitching to the green
  4. bunker (sand pit) in the vicinity of the green

Includes 9 hole playing lesson at “Little Bear” learning 4 basic skills and short game strategy on the course with 1 to 1 instruction.