Sinuous valleys, clear streams, forests full of life all year round, beautiful scenery of mountains, but also endless grassland. This is just a piece of what Horehronie offers, just outside the heart.

Modern ski resorts, wellness centers, spas, history at Čiernohronská railway, but also castles, unique folklore and unforgettable dining experiences at Koliba and sheep farms. Horehronie living all year round! Although nature in winter sleep, ski slopes live your life and white trails offer a unique scenery. Relax after sport or for work-related stress can be found in the wellness center. Free time you can use Horehroní wandering around, exploring the history of the castle, or in the old royal city of Brez, at Čiernohronská railway, or on expeditions for traditional cuisine.


Rich endless forests full of life, sinuous valleys, streams
and wind polished pastures make Horehronie real paradise in the Tatras.
Horehronie offers 164 marked hiking trails with a length of 1227 km.

For families but also passionate researchers designed the original nature trails in the forest open-air museum in Vydrovo, bear tracks (Krpacovo), Sidewalk Sam Chalupku (upper limit – Krpáčovo) Zbojnicky sidewalk James ruffians, or nature trail to Muran castle and fun climbing park Tarzánia Tale and adventurous journey on horseback Hucul artery.

Comfortably cool during hot summer days offer a unique caves – Bystrianska cave with the possibility of speleotherapy, Cave of Dead Bats adventurous expeditions and the nearby Dobšinská j., Or Aragonite Cave – the only one of its kind in Europe.


The Horehronie region to come to their every skier. Within a radius of 15 km is located 70 km snowed ski slopes in the modern ski resort Jasna Low Tatras, Tale Ski, Toll ski center, ski center and Black Balog.


Get to know the most beautiful places Horehronia on bicycle or electric bicycle! In the region of Horehronie is 76 marked bike routes with a length of 865 km.

Horehronie offers: 5 car Electro, 10 charging points, recommended cyklopotulky with a detailed description and GPX, cyclobuses TourBus
organized cycling events, shipping ebike


Bystrianska Cave is the most important cave Horehron basin. It is known by remarkable rocky shapes and development of underground spaces, occurrence of flowstone fills, as well as favorable climatic conditions for speleoterapeutickú treatment. Guided tour has a length of 580 mA is almost no elevation (26 steps). The cave is also accessible for disabled visitors. The show lasts 45 minutes. The temperature in the cave is 5.7 to 6.7 ° C.
Fees: 5 € / adult; 2,50 € / child from 6 to 15 years, invalids; 4 € / students, seniors
Contact: +421 48 6195133,


Dead Bats Cave is in the middle of Slovakia in the central part of the Low Tatras Ďumbier alpine karst (1750 m). Relatively small, deeply infolded limestone massif Kozi backs with a length of 2 km and a width of only 300 m contains in its interior a lot of corridors in the previously known 14 floors and two Parallel branches.

Contact: +421905135535


TARZANIA TALE is the third of a series Tarzania. It located at Tale in the nearby hotel Partizan in the area of ​​mini-golf course. In the vicinity there is a natural swimming pool and golf course. It is built from 23 obstacles at a height of about 5-7 meters above the ground and it includes a path for the little ones climbing eager Tarzančekov, so here come into their own and families with children.

Blue (shorter and easier) route is 180 m. The red (longer) route is 292 m. Children route is 90 m.

Contact: +421 907 585 007,


National monument Ľupča Castle stands above the village Slovak Ľupča since the 13th century on a hill, the last tip of the Low Tatras.
Since 2002 began an extensive reconstruction of the whole castle. After the initial reconstruction so. upper castle to a full restoration of the youngest part of the castle, Gizelinho house that is used for entertainment purposes and social events. The dominant feature of the hall, named, like the whole building, after the daughter of Empress Sisi and Emperor Franz Joseph I, Gizele.
The castle is still available exhibition of archaeological finds Ľupča castle and permanent exhibition of works of prof. Kulicha in Rubigallovej tower and the lower courtyard of the castle.
In the castle there is also a 62 m deep well, from which the bottom of the tunnel leads it ends near the castle. 

Fees: 2 € / adult; 1 € / children adn youth
Contact: +421 48 4187429,


Ciernohronska railway is a narrow-gauge forest railway, built in 1908 for the collection timber. Of the total length of 132 km at the end of its use state forests managed in the years 1983 to 1992 volunteers rescue 20 km railway tracks and converted into tourist attractions.
Today runs from Balog three directions – Vydrovo, Dobroč and Sanski from Easter to 09/15 every day. During the summer holidays go daily and steam locomotives. Throughout the year you can be ordered as an extraordinary train with accompanying program.

Contact: +421 48 6191 500,

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